Wearable devices are much in news lately. Samsung is rumored to be working on its new round smartwatch for a while now. The project is codenamed ‘Project Orbis’ just like the ‘Project Zero’ for Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S6. We have recently heard rumors that Samsung might announce its round Orbis smartwatch alongside Galaxy S6 at the MWC 2015 in March.

Samsung’s new round smartwatch will supposedly have a rotary ring on the top that will allow users to interact with the device. Sammobile has come up with additional information about some of the features that might be incorporated in the Orbis smartwatch.

Although most Gear smartwatches support call making, the new Orbis smartwatch will not support this feature. You will be able to accept phone calls or dismiss them, but you will not be able to talk or handle them from the smartwatch.

On the Homescreen, you can swipe from top towards the bottom to get the drop-down menu that holds icons for brightness, Bluetooth and battery; brightness control; and do not disturb mode. When you swipe the screen from bottom to top, you get the recent apps menu like in the Gear S.

The rotary ring has some special functions. When in the recent apps menu, rotating the ring to the right slowly will display 1 app at a time while faster rotation will show you 3 apps at once. You can close the recent apps menu by using the crown-shaped power button.

On the home screen, when you rotate the ring towards the right, you will see widgets in use. After reaching a widget, left rotation will give you the contents of that particular widget. Rotating the ring towards the left will show you notifications and you can run through them.

You can also control the on-board music player with the rotary ring – pause, mute or run through the songs. The ring will allow you to control the alarm, time, find your device or know the weather forecast.

Sammobile says that all this is just “the tip of the iceberg”. The watch will have a lot many other functions. Orbis is surely going to be one amazing smartwatch!! It could be Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch. What do you think?

 Samsung Orbis Smartwatch -2

Source SamMobile