The South Korean giant Samsung has been working on curved and flexible display technology for several years now. Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch, Galaxy S6 edge and  Galaxy Note Edge all have curved displays but the company is working to achieve something much more than that.

A new patent filed by Samsung has been revealed by the US Patent and Trademark office. It shows a device with a great amount of flexibility. This new invention is a wearable device that can transform from a curved wrist band to a flat device like a smartphone.

Samsung-new-patent-flexible display


It can be seen in the pic above that the device can be wrapped around a wrist like a smartwatch or a smartband. However, when it is removed, it becomes flat and can work just like any regular smartphone. The device will support phone calls as well as other multimedia functions like games etc.

The device consists of a flexible display panel, a transparent protection panel and a touch panel for inputs. The body will have a processor, an input-output unit, a communication module and an image and audio processing unit.

Several small segments would be connected together sequentially below the OLED screen so that they are rotatable and can curl up into a bracelet form to fit on the wrist of the wearer. They could also straighten up into a flat shape to become a smartphone.

According to PatentlyMobile, Samsung has filed this patent application in the third quarter of 2014 but it is not known when this product will come into the market. It is a cool concept though.