We recently saw Samsung release a Galaxy S 5 commercial, calling iPhone users as ‘Wall huggers’. Now Samsung is back with two new commercials for its Galaxy Tab S that compare it with the Apple iPad, though not directly.

The new video commercials of the South Korean company highlight the strengths of Galaxy Tab S in comparison to another tablet. These include high contrast ratio offered by its Super AMOLED display and its multitasking ability.

According to the first commercial, Super AMOLED display of Galaxy Tab S offers 100 times higher contrast compared to many LCD Tabs. Instead of the usual 1,000:1 contrast, the Galaxy Tab S gives 100,000:1 and the Super AMOLED shows all the fine details of the image which many LCD screens cannot do, giving high accuracy and quality even in dark images. You can see the commercial below:

In the second commercial Samsung highlights the multitasking ability of its Galaxy Tab S. Here, the dad wants to watch sports while the baby wants to watch a cartoon film but the tablet they have cannot open both the apps at once. The tablet is then swapped with a Galaxy Tab S which allows displaying of both the apps at once on the screen and both baby and dad are happy.

The other tablet shown in the commercial has not been named but it looks like Apple’s iPad Air that has an LCD display and no facility for multitasking. Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 in June this year. They are the first tablets with Super AMOLED displays.