The news becomes more exciting  for all the taste-makers when they will get to know that Samsung Galaxy S 5 will arrive in the U.S. in a brand new luminosity and radiant shade on May 30th.  While bragging about the metallics attached with it, in upcoming summer  it will prove itself as a fashion-forward trendy jewel .The Galaxy S5 is on a makeover with novel look by launching in Gold on AT&T, T-Mobile ,Sprint, Verizon Wireless (via few of the indirect retailers), and U.S. Cellular as well.

Technology and fashion will run into each other in Samsung’s new Gold Galaxy S 5 – highlighting the fact that style and utility can survive together. Speaking of forthcoming graduations, the Gold Galaxy S 5 will turn out as a most appropriate gift for  new graduates.  Moreover, for the upcoming Father’s Day  on June 15th, the Gold Galaxy S 5 will be a synonym of aperfect fir as a gift to a stylish dad who wants to mix up a little bluster to his clothing.

The Gold Galaxy S 5 is an ultimate phone  with Ultra Power Saving Mode for those of being a peculiar times  when there’s no amount of time  to halt and recharge. Its trait of being a dust and water resistant, to defend against life’s minor mishaps, makes it a perfect fit in people with hands of uncertainty.  You might want to take spectacular pictures with the stunning and easy-to-use camera with power of 16-Megapixel. While it is a waste to read if we don’t mention the new Selective Focus feature, which will give you authority to easily select elements to focus on, and the portions one wants to blur out — to generate a feeling of depth.