With the Galaxy range of products expanding day-in-day-out, the Korean giant Samsung thought of renaming its apps services Samsung Apps giving it a new name of Galaxy Apps. This new name will from July 1st this week and so just don’t panic in case if your Samsung App Store Icon disappears from the phone. Samsung has made an official announcement regarding this on the company’s official website and this change is basically just a rebranding move from the Korean tech giant. This means all the applications previously available on the Samsung App Store will now be seen at the Galaxy Apps.

In addition to changing the name of the Store, the layout and design of the Galaxy Apps is likely to be tweaked to an extent. So we can expect to see a redesigned UI. Let’s see how this change manages to invite ore customers to Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store as it has been found that the Google Play Store still dominates for app downloading on all the Galaxy devices.

Moreover, a positive change could be seen with much Tizen phones coming out, this new App Store might serve the purpose of pulling its Galaxy customers from Android to Tizen platform. Well, things will shape with time to come ahead.