Orbis by Samsung
In the earlier part of January, people who are fond of Samsung’s products started to hear different speculations about a new smartwatch that Samsung is preparing. It is expected to be the smartwatch that Samsung is planning to display during Mobile World Congress (MWC) event for 2015 which will start in March. The smartwatch is given the codename of Orbis, and it is going to have a circular body. It is going to be run on Tizen instead of Android Wear. Up till now, no smartwatch with a circular body has been launched. orbis
Wireless charging
There is a site called SamMobile which is almost always right about what Samsung is planning to do next. Based on reports from a reliable source, SamMobile has disclosed a unique feature about Orbis that it will support wireless charging which is really the best charging method yet. This is a great move by Samsung. So far the company’s wearables don’t really have a pleasant or comfortable method for charging. For charging wearables, one has to attach a strange cradle with the device.


It’s been some time now since people are hearing about Samsung’s circular smartwatch. It was August 2014, when people heard about it for the first time. At the moment, it is being assumed that people will get to see this smartwatch in the month of March.