Over the years, Samsung has tried to offer more and more software features in its phones and tablets. As a result, the software has become quite bloated and heavy. Of course, Samsung realized this and began trimming its TouchWiz since Galaxy S5.

The company removed some apps and features in the TouchWiz to make it lighter but made some of the apps downloadable so that users could access them when they wanted. Now as Samsung is gearing up for the Galaxy S6, it wants to optimize the handset’s software by getting rid of unnecessary features and streamlining the UI. According to Sammobile, the company wants to optimize TouchWiz so that it will be “as fast and smooth as stock Android on the Nexus 6.”

Now Sammobile has received info from sources that all the add-on features that could be downloaded as apps are being removed by the company, which will trim down the software to a great extent. At the same time, Samsung will also optimize the code to simplify the UI and make it more manageable.

It is not known which apps and features will be removed. Samsung integrates some functions like Smart Stay in the settings menu and builds some features as standard apps. The integrated functions will most likely remain but separate apps such as S Voice, S Translator and Story Album might be offered as downloadables and not be pre-loaded on the device as is currently done. Most people rarely or never use all the pre-loaded stuff and those who want it will be able to download it whenever they want.


Source Sammobile