Although Samsung has already achieved the universal success with the Android OS Galaxy Smartphones, now, it has different plan in mind. Now a day, Samsung is planning to launch Smartphones with own mobile OS: Tizen. However, the Smartphone users are not aware and well known about the mobile OS of Samsung at all! But, the newest Smartwatches of Galaxy Gear from Korean Tech will be available with this technology.

The plan of releasing wearable smartwatches with Tizen is not the only plan of Samsung brand at all! In fact, Sammie will also trying to get the market of Tizen OS Smartphones outside of United States and Europe too! Moreover, this company is going to release Tizen packing Samsung Smartphones in two big regions of the world: Russia and India in the next some weeks.


A new Tizen handset was going to be released on the market of Japan from NTT Docomo Company. At the bottom time, the NTT postpone the plan because it though the time was wrong to release Tizen. Because of having low love for Tizen Smartphones in United States and Europe, there is no plan of releasing Tizen handsets in these regions.

The Emerging market places like India and Russia will be the perfect place to introduce Tizen OS Smartphones to the world. Because of high acceptance of low cost Smartphones in this marketplace, Samsung is hoping to get good revenue and introducing their own mobile OS.

However, the predictors believes that Samsung should release Tizen Smartphones to Russia first and then, to India in order to get the outcome of the market reaction. Now, time will say whether Samsung Tizen Smartphones will bring success to the brand like Android Galaxy Models or not!