More and more Samsung technology experts are lured to work with Apple. Some of the things that Apple offers apparently is more attractive than what was offered by Samsung in terms of highly competitive salary and the benefit packages. Apple apparently has been aggressively persuading a few of Samsung talents in next-gen image and signal processing as well as in battery technology.
On top of that, Samsung’s ex-employees who are currently working in Apple are given freedom to do their tasks. All these experts are preferred by Apple since they are result oriented and willing to learn new things in order to get things done. Apart from the expertise in chip-making and image processing, apparently, Samsung has also knowledge on the battery technology for smartphones like the polymer technology which is likely to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S6.
Recently, Apple is rumored to plan to build an electric car. By acquiring Samsung ex-employees, Apple will gain knowledge about it since Samsung SDI is part of the team for making BMW’s electric vehicle dream comes true. All these hinted that there might be something brewing within Apple as the technology company also luring employees from Tessla. To know more about it, we might need to wait until there are more leaks.