Samsung is planning in launching a few new features for its next version of Samsung Smart Watch. It might be released during Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March 2015. WMC is the world’s largest mobile exhibition to be held yearly.

Samsung will release its own version of payment functionality which will be enabled in the smart watch. It is made possible through the cooperation with Paypal, the world’s well-known financial transaction service company. It is seen as Samsung’s response to Apple Pay which was launched recently. Apple Pay is Apple’s payment functionality which is using skin contact sensor and not the fingerprint identification system which is going to be used by Samsung. Apple Pay will also available in Apple Watch. The users of the Apple Watch will need to enter a PIN at their initial trial and the Apple Watch will touch the skin afterwards. It will then verify the users allowing them to login and make purchases.

Another new feature of Samsung smart watch is the biometric identification sensor which includes fingerprint verification. This is also made possible through cooperation with Synaptics, the global company specialized in biometric verification. These new system will allow the user to authorise the payment immediately when the users identify themselves using their fingerprint.

The simple payment system will also provide users with promotions from the nearby stores based on the current user’s location. Thus the users can make decision n whether they want to buy the product or which product they want to buy even before they reach the stores and make payments upon receiving the products. The user also can check the transaction and account balance through text messages. Samsung plans to expand the payment service to over 50 countries worldwide.