Samsung has a live music streaming service called Milk Music that is an official Samsung app like Rdio, Aupeo and Spotify. Today, the mobile brand has also reveals Milk Video that is a clip-viewing platform for the users.

Samsung Reveals Milk Video is a great personalized media app that will show you the list of the videos that you can watch. The video list will be optimized automatically for the users depending on the analyzing channels that they follow and watched before. Vanity Fair, Red Bull, College Humor, Funny or Die are some of the partners that Samsung has. Therefore, this will be an offer to watch out the exclusive videos with whom Samsung has partnered.

Samsung Reveals Milk Video in US- A Video Streaming Service 1

Milk Video is also like a social media websites because you can follow or like any brands, individuals, channels as well as share them using your social media website accounts on Twitter or Facebook.