Samsung’s success
Samsung has done wonders when it comes to smartphone technology. Successful production of 14nm FinFET chips is one of those great works of the company when its competitors were just deploying 16nm systems. The way things are going, it is very much possible that Samsung will become the most successful chipmaker in smartphone industry. According to some reliable sources from the industry, Samsung enjoys great attention from smartphone manufacturers who use chips of Qualcomm and Nvidia too. The Korean smartphone giant also enjoys its long-standing manufacturing partnership with Apple.Qualcomm Nvidia


Recent development
Recently, it has been reported that Qualcomm and Nvidia are working on to decrease the price of 14 nm application processor. Both companies will be using latest technology which offers a lower production cost. The good thing about 14nm processors is that they are manufactured more conveniently as compared to 16nm or 20nm processors; moreover, they consume less battery power. Therefore, there is a high chance that from second quarter of 2015, Samsung will be mass-producing and supplying chips to Nvidia, Apple and Qualcomm. Majority of analysts predict that Samsung’s semiconductor business will boom in the coming days despite tough competition with the rival TSMC. During the fourth quarter of 2014, Sammy’s processor division showed great results. The profits of the processor division was equal to the combined profits of company’s other two divisions. It seems the business competition will get tougher from here.


Samsung Galaxy S6
After some time this year, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be the first smartphone which will be based on company’s Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core SoC. Technology lovers are anxiously waiting to see its performance as compared to smartphones having 14nm chips. At the moment, Samsung’s toughest competition is going with Qualcomm processors.