The announcement was made by Samsung SDS, an IT services subsidiary of Samsung Group. With the launching of Apple Pay, Samsung is planning to launch a fingerprint-based mobile payment system by the end of the month. Initially it will be launched in South Korea but the company also plans to roll it out globally. It is still unconfirmed whether it will be part of Samsung Pay or it will be an independent service.

Samsung has also joined Fast Identity Online Alliance(FIDO) as member with other members such as Samsung Electronics, Google, Microsoft, Visa and Paypal.  FIDO was established in 2012 to develop standards of verifying user’s identity when logging in to websites or online accounts as an alternative to keying in username and password. The proposed of such standards will be fingerprint scanners, voice and facial recognition, security tokens, near-field communication as well as one-time passwords.

Samsung has chosen fingerprint-based to reduce the needs of having to create username and passwords and remembering them in order to login into the account. A user can have multiple accounts in multiple websites and it will be difficult for them to memorize the usernames and passwords in case if each website is created under different usernames and passwords for the same user.

Other biometric authentication which is considered secure, for example fingerprint, iris and voice recognition.  They are also not easy to be hacked.  Fingerprint sensor was first implemented in Galaxy S5, however, the performance still below expectation and it is further improved in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.