Samsung, the South Korean giant, has introduced more than 100 different smartphones from 2009. The new Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 were the newest smartphones that has joined the Smartphone series of Galaxy A. however; these models also joined the series of the Galaxy S smartphones. Now, Samsung planning to introduce a new series of smartphones to the users but we do not have any official notice whether it will be based on Android or any other operating system.

We are expecting that the new series of smartphones will be starting with a ‘Single Letter” like Galaxy A. moreover, the brand may be looking for simplicity the Smartphone names like Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD and Samsung S II Epic 4G Touches.

We have heart something about the Samsung Galaxy S’s next flagship that will be Samsung Galaxy S6. The new flagship will be launched market in 2015 that will be codenamed Project Zero which is a new beginning. But, the brand has not said so many things about the next series of smartphones, therefore, wait and see.