Normally the first quarter of the year is an off season for IT materials and parts industry. However, this year might be different. Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM) is growing in the beginning of the year due to the early release o Galaxy S6. With the Samsung Electronics (SEC) has lined up the release of its mid-to low-priced products such as Galaxy A and E series as well as Galaxy S6 in the beginning of the year, the increase in the SEM’s performance can be seen too.

As Galaxy S6 is released 2-3 weeks earlier than originally planned, it also improved the sales performance for ACI Business Division too. As this division supplies the IVH (Interstitial Via Hole) HDI (High Density Interconnection) for the Galaxy S6.  This year the OMS Business Division sales also will be improved due to the increased production of 20MP OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) to be embedded in Galaxy S6 too. Therefore from the two information, we can gather that Galaxy S6 will be coming with HDI display and a 20MP OIS camera.

With the economy is recovering for countries like USA, hopefully, it will increase the demands for high-end smartphones. This is seen as positive sign for SEM.

“While SEM had a hard time last year, they improved their production efficiency and revamped their organization to a considerable extent” said a security analyst. “As SEC’s smartphone market share is rebounding, the performance of SEM, which supplies key materials and parts to SEC, will improve as well”.