Samsung Electronic announced that the company will be launching a mobile payment services which will be named Samsung Pay for its smartwatch in the second half of the year. Samsung Pay will be using near-field communication (NFC) technology to authorize a payment. Therefore, instead of taking out his or her smartphone, the user will just need to tap his or her smartwatch into the payment terminal in order to make payment. This can only work provided the payment terminal supports the NFC technology too.

The advantage of making Samsung Pay available on its smartwatch is for user’s convenience. For example, for users who like exercising outdoor, smartwatch is able to calculate the distance travelled, the calorie burned, give weather prediction and with the Samsung Pay feature included in the smartwatch, users can also purchase things like water or energy drink, without having to carry their wallet around while exercising.

Apple has similar payment service which is known as Apple Pay. The company is also planning to include Apple Pay feature on its smartwatches, Apple Watch. For every transaction that the user made using credit card, Apple will collect a fee of 0.15% of the total transaction value whereas for debit card, Apple will collect 0.5%.

Samsung Electronic also said that Samsung Pay mobile payments service which supports NFC technology will be available with selected partners only. However, there is no further information from the company regarding this matter.