Samsung filed patent for a foldable tablet display last year and it was granted on July 7th.  Last year, Samsung’s CEO hinted that there would be a foldable device and with the patent application granted, it seems to be true after all. Samsung has filed for a foldable screen not only for OLED screen; however, the company has also filed patent for the LCD screen.   According to Samsung, there will be a flexible display panel that is greater than 8-inches in size which means, it falls in the range of Galaxy Tablet product.


Samsung has filed a number of flexible and foldable patents but they have been slow in materialized it. This year, the company realized one of it with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge which comes with a flexible display. Apple on the other hand, has used flexible display technology on its smart watch. However, it seems that the company is going to use it in a few more applications apart from Apple Watch.

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Apart from the flexible display, Samsung is also patented a near invisible virtual buttons which is located near the edge of the touch screen. These virtual buttons are actually sensor pads which can be configured to perform certain actions like taking pictures or as a video game console. One thing for sure, as the R&D departments keep inventing, there should be a patent following that. However, hopefully a few of them can be realized in the real life.

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