In addition of a few things that Samsung has applied for patent and they have been approved such as the invisible virtual buttons and the foldable display screen, the latest patent that has been approved by USPTO is something which is known as “Edge Display”. Apparently this new functionality is used to display information such as news, weather, and time, unread messages as well as incoming calls on the curved display on your Galaxy Note Edge and S6 Edge.

Hopefully, Samsung is going to release some APIs for third party apps developers so that more and more apps which support notification functionality can be displayed on the Edge display in the future. As of now, Note Edge has already able to support custom Edge display apps and Galaxy S6 Edge official add-ons are able to be downloaded from Samsung Apps Store. However, not many people does not know about this yet as it is not publicized.

Apps Edge apparently is designed to allow user to organize their mostly used apps as well as allow them to have quick access for them. Therefore, when a new notification comes, the user does not have to pick up the handset in order to view it as it will be shown at the edge of the handset.

Well, we are excited to see the real implementation!