If you are in a notion about Google, the only one having fun combining wearable head gear with heads-up display technology, think again as Samsung has filed patent applications and concepts revealing interests in coming out with smart glasses tentatively similar to “Google Glass.”


In this particular patent, it describes an earpiece that comes with an integrated heads up display (HUD), with the display resembling what we’ve seen in Google Glass. Not only does this setup provide the wearer with a display, but it could also provide audio feedback, such as notifications, music, movies, and video playback.


Samsung calls the device “Earphone” in the patent application, but like all other patented designs we come across, it’s hard to speculate on exactly what the purpose of the device will be, and whether it will ever be realized as an actual product.

There is a possibility of launching this wearable device during IFA 2014 Berlin scheduled in September. Until then what do you guys think of this particular prototype? Yay or nay?