Just few days ago, Apple has ordered different companies to deliver A9 on time for Apple iPhone 6S to meet the demand. A new report is published by UBS where TSMC would be responsible to provide A9 and A9X chips for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, only 50% chips.

However, Samsung is going to produce 70% A9 chips with Globalfoundries while TSMC reduces to 30% production of it. Now, Maeil Business Newspaper has published an article on the Apple A9 chips production where they mentioned Samsung along will be responsible to produce 75%.

Samsung will use Austin, Texas factory in order to deliver the huge amount of chips in time for Apple iPhone 6S. However, the newspaper has not highlighted the price of the dealing between Samsung and Apple for the chips. Other companies will deliver remaining 25% of chips; meanwhile, TSMC will be one name of the companies. Earlier, the company delivered full A9 chips for the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.