When Samsung announced that there is no larger battery for Galaxy Note 4, we are worried. It is because it comes with Quad HD display which is confirmed to require more out of the battery. Some example of smart phones which is having this issue is LG G3 and Oppo Find 7.

Note 4 is actually comes with 3220mAh Battery life, not so much different from the 3200mAh battery life which is found in Note 3. However, this small difference made a big impact to the battery life in Note 4. The device is able to clock about 8 hours and 43 minutes in the custom battery life test. Note 3 on the other hand only able to clock about 6 hours and 8 minutes a year ago.

The test is just mainly running script with variables that replicates real-life, non-stop usage and the screen set to 200 nits. Therefore, in normal activities such as calls, texts, browsing and games, Note 4 is able to lasts for 9 hours without charging. As a result, Note 4 is able to lasts for a day and a half and even more provided if the “Ultra Power Saving Mode” is turned on.

Good news is that Note 4 is quick to charge. It only takes just 95 minutes for it to be full-charge. With this kind of capabilities we are happy to see that Samsung has delivered another yet high quality product.