Apparently smartphone is not about specification or feature anymore. However, nowadays, it is about design.  In this department, Apple has the best design of smartphone so far by its sleek smartphone appearance.  However, it seems like Samsung is trying to improve its smartphone design by hiring Lee Don-tae, the co-president of global design consulting firm Tangerine earlier this month as its global design team leader.

Lee joined Tangerine in 1998 and became its president in just seven years. More interestingly, Jonathan Ive, the senior vice president of design at Apple, as well as, the person behind the iPhone, iPad and IOS 7 design, has also worked for London-based Tangerine. Samsung hopes that Lee will bring something different to Samsung as Ive did at Apple.

Some of Lee’s experience in design is that he was Tangerine’s project team member for redesigning Bristish Airways’ business class cabins by rearranging the seat configuration in a “S” shape, resulting in more space for passengers for each seat as well as allowing them to fold down into flat beds.  The design has won IDEA Grand Prix in 2001 and British Airways eventually commissioned his company to redesign its first class cabins as well. Therefore, the airline reportedly saw its annual operating profits increased by 800 billion won.