Samsung is losing its grip in the mobile market, facing declining profits, less sales while its old and new emerging rivals are expanding their positions in the global market.

With the current situation, Samsung is well aware of what has to be done and some reports suggest that it has already planned to get out of this set back. It appears that Samsung might introduce new E-series with SM-E500F.  There is also news that during next year, the company would cut its handsets number to increase its profits, which would also benefit the users to get out from the confusion of going through different models.

Samsung Might Introduce New E-Series

The Korean company, not long ago, had introduced the Galaxy A series. There were some rumors earlier that the company is planning to name its upcoming phone series with different alphabets to add more variety to its models.

Recently, on an import tracking website, a Samsung mobile named SM-E500F had been spotted which was entering India for testing. It has been the first time that a Samsung model has been labeled with the letter “E”. This indicates a possible launch of a new mobile series by the company. Its import price is set at 9,378 Indian Rupees which converts to roughly $151, indicating that the device will be offered at entry-level.

Aside from the model number, nothing else had been revealed by the import list that could reveal more about the phone. However, with the naming procedure Samsung use for its smartphones, i.e. SM-A500 indicates Galaxy A5, the SM-E500F could mean a new series like Samsung Galaxy E5.