According to the latest report from South Korea, Samsung may soon sign a deal with Apple to provide NAND flash memory chips for the forthcoming iPhone models: 6S and 6S Plus. In Xian, China, it is rumored that Samsung is already testing memory chips for durability as it may become one of the memory chips suppliers of Apple.

Samsung May Provide NAND Flash Memory Chips For New iPhone Models

Samsung didn’t provide these memory chips to the Apple for iPhone 6 series till date as per report because the two technology houses didn’t agree over pricing.

At this point, it is unknown that how much faith Apple will put in the memory chips provided by Samsung for iPhone 6S series and the time will tell whether Apple is able to fix the troubles that people are reporting in these chips of some iPhone 6 models.

Europe and China have more demand of 64GB iPhone models so it is rumored that Apple is planning to make this version more and 64 GB is what Apple will demand from Samsung for the iPhone 6S.

One report from Credit Suisse says that Toshiba will supply 50% of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus memory chips, SK Hynix will have 30% part and Sandisk will remain with 20%.

From the latest report, it can be assumed that Samsung will play a big role in the Apple 6S series. Some reports also say that Apple will pick Samsung for the manufacturing of A9 chip for the iPhones this year, while other reports suggest TSMC will continue making chips for Apple. The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus are expected in the September of this year.