More news on Samsung’s secret new foldable display device is quickly spreading as a Korean website elaborated on what Samsung seems to be planning for the near future. It is said that Samsung has been showing this technology to prospective investors behind closed doors in CES and MWC expos. This concept device is in the process of becoming a commercial product.

Samsung Making 9 to 5 inch Foldable Display Devices for 2015 - 1 -- DoiToshin

The Korean publication says that the device will be like a tablet, and it will have a 8 to 9 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display. The fact that its a foldable display is whats special about this product. According to the source, the display will have a plastic surface instead of glass, and it will be a touch display. It can be folded in two places at once, making it compact and easy to store in a handbag or a large pocket.

Samsung Making 9 to 5 inch Foldable Display Devices for 2015 - 3 -- DoiToshin

The real challenge when making such a product is to make a display that has good enough image quality and durability. It shouldn’t break even after thousands of folding attempts, and Samsung seems to have done just that. This device is also similar to a tri-foldable patent filed by Samsung not too long ago.

Samsung Making 9 to 5 inch Foldable Display Devices for 2015 - 4 -- DoiToshin

The people at Samsung have been thinking about common uses for this product. Its a product that can be easily folded and carried in a handbag. The people at Samsung also realize that a new interface may be needed as well as apps that can take full advantage of this device. These new apps will probably respond to the product being folded. Samsung plans to announce the device early next year.

Will this device be the gamechanger in the android android market? Can this flexible Android device be embedded into other things as well. Would you buy something like this? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.