Despite the excellence of Samsung in its field, Galaxy S5 was still half-heartedly received. Where was it lacking? Was it the material? Was it the color? Was it the weight? Or was it simply not interesting enough? So many factors could have affected the critics and the consumers’ impression on it. However, Samsung is not about to take no actions about it. Thus, Deputy Lee Min Hyouk took over Samsung’s mobile design chief position from Chang Dong-Hoon, May 8, 2014.

Samsung made it clear though that it was not the end of line for Chang. Rather it was a realignment to help him concentrate more on being the Head of Design Strategy Team, his current position. The team is responsible for the company’s long-term design strategy all throughout Samsung Electronics. Chang remains involved in designing Samsung devices.

On the other hand, Lee Min-hyouk was Chang’s VP before the endorsement. He has great contributions to the Galaxy smartphone series conception. Most of the handset designs we know were received fairly well by the market. Many are wondering now how this change will affect the Samsung’s future devices. Well, if we are to form conclusions from history, we might be seeing the next generation of Note 3. Watch this video for a sneak peek of the rumoured premium-made Galaxy S5. It is called Swarovski for Samsung; a mean to expand its existing partnership with Swarovski. Is it not too fancy for your taste? Is Samsung being a little too intrusive in diving into the accessory side of technology?