Well, for the past few years, Samsung has always been announcing its Note series handset at the IFA Berlin trade show, but this time the story is believed to be somewhat different. Based on the recent report coming from Korea’s WhoWired, Samsung might be planning to launch its flagship handset as early as the July 2015. The development for the Galaxy Note 5 is supposedly said to be taking at a very faster rate and so taking advantage to this, the company is likely to make the early announcement. Moreover, one of the major reasons for pushing this announcement early is that it would also give Samsung an extra mileage over Apple as the Cupertino giant is planning to unveil its Apple iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus ahead this year around September.

Earlier we have seen that the Galaxy Note 5 would be having an Ultra-HD AMOLED screens with resolution 2160 x 3840 resolution made by Samsung Display. According to WhoWired the Galaxy Note 5 is likely to have a 5.89inch display and the Note 5 Edge 5.78 screen. With these high resolution Ultra-HD displays the device is likely to offer pixel density of whopping 700ppi. This means that it would be very perfect for watching the 4K content giving an immersive VR experience.

Both the Galaxy Note 5 handsets are tipped to be having the company’s home baked Exynos chipsets, mostly the ones that we saw in the Galaxy S6. It has to bee seen what extra does Samsung does in order to bring the 4K display to its handsets. However in order to support this large pixel density, Samsung is said to have added more fuel to its battery with a 4100mAh of battery life expected.

For the mean time, enjoy the concept renders of the handset below.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-renders (1) Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-renders (2) Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-renders (3) Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-renders (4) Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-concept-renders (5)

source: WhoWired