Looks like after Apple, Samsung and LG is also trying its hand on Sapphire displays. Apple begin the pioneer in Sapphire display has heavily invested in it for the new iPhone 6. LG and Samsung had thought of using these displays for let off that idea as it was quite expensive. But as per reports both South Korean companies were testing out Sapphire glass samples for future use.

Sapphire is better in many aspects compared to Gorilla glass. The only point where gorilla scores out is that it is cheaper. But after Apple is using it cost effectively, LG and Samsung are also looking into it.

But using Sapphire displays less expensive is the key because using them may shoot up the prices. Apple has been long using them in covering the camera lens and coating finger print sensor on iPhone 5s. Apple has set up a production facility for sapphire displays with the help of GT Advanced Technologies which has started shipping out displays to China for manufacturing. So Korean giants are also back to drawing boards for using these displays on their smart-phones.

Until now the only phone using these displays for the entire screen is Vertu Ti. This glass begin more resistant to scratches are also lighter and thinner than their counterparts. A flexible sapphire display is also developed by Apple. Lets how LG and Samsung fare out in using sapphire displays on their upcoming devices.