Apple and Samsung are already nasty enemies in the smartphone world, and headphones may be their next battlefield. Samsung has just launched its “Level” family of high-end audio products in the United States.

The series includes 3 variants of headphones – over-ear, on-ear and in-ear. Adding that there is also a portable Bluetooth speaker. Each headsets are available for purchase via Gilt since Thursday.

The Level-Over is a Bluetooth over-ear headphone priced at whopping $349.99. It has a touch panel on sideway, which can be utilized by the users to quickly skip between the songs, control of increase/decrease volume, play/pause using swipe gestures. The touch panel can be used for activating the S-Voice feature. The headset also supports NFC pairing. And if you don’t like the way Level Over headphones sound out of the box, Samsung also offers an Android application that allows for EQ customization, or what the Samsung also abbreviates to as “SoundAlive.”



The Level-On is a wired headset which the Samsung claiming to be elegant, compact and simplistic. Considering none of the high-end features are there on this headset, it is priced at just $179.99. The Level-In can be used as an independent 3-way speaker system. The in-ear headset are priced at $149.99.

The rollout of Samsung’s Level products comes since Apple looks to complete its acquisition of Beats Electronics. Samsung has also entered the music subscription arcade with the weirdly named Milk application. But the company has some severe work to do if it aims to make a name for itself against Beats with mainstream consumers and other competitors appealing to audiophiles. That doesn’t mean Samsung should be terminated outright, though. It’s brought some clever audio products to the market before, but $349.99 headphones might prove a very hard sell — especially when there’s no Beats badge on the side.