South Korea-based DDaily reports that Samsung is working on a Smartphone powered by Intel’s Atom chipset.Samsung have a plan to introduce new Android smartphone with the power of Intel Atom Moorefield. The devices uses latest chip designed by Intel. The chip has a name Intel Atom Z3500, also known as Moorefield.

The chip “Moorefield” was introduced by Intel in MWC 2014. According to the report the chip supports 64 bit Quad-Core processor clocked with 2.3 GHz speed.The full power of the Moorefield chipset is 2.3 GHz, but Samsung is watering down to just over 1.7 GHz. The reason for this would be to prevent any overheating issues, and control power consumption better for a low-end Android device.

Samsung is bringing more attention to the Intel mobile chipset, it might have come at a cost. On average, mobile chipsets come at a price of $20 for a premium applications processor. However, Ddaily reports suggests that Intel may be parting with their chipsets for only $7/each. This idea indicates that it is more of a strategic move for Intel, trying to get recognition from people that they can compete with Qualcomm,NVIDIA and Apple’s Cortex processors.

There has been no word from Samsung on the arrival of this Intel powered phone. Though that low price is enough for the company to justify such a surprising move.We are expecting it might arrive before the end of 2014.

Have you been waiting for a more conventional Intel powered device, or has Qualcomm and Exynos been working just fine for you?