After announcing the development of a new high speed 60GHz Wi-Fi technology, Samsung has now developed a flexible battery for wearables. Samsung SDI has unveiled the next gen flexible batteries at the InterBattery 2014 exhibition being held in Seoul, Korea between 14 and 16 October 2014.

These batteries are so flexible that they can actually be rolled, and to a much higher degree than the curved battery used in Samsung’s Tizen-based Smartwatch Gear S. The new battery can be rolled up to look like a paper cup but it still continues to function properly even with this high degree of curvature.

Samsung flexible battery - 1

Samsung SDI has carried out the research in collaboration with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and developed the core technology used in the flexible battery. The company plans to improve this technology further in terms of reliability and security, so that the batteries can be mass produced and used in future Tizen Smartwatches, although this will still take a few years. Samsung has already patented the structural design and material technology of the new flexible battery.

At the InterBattery 2014 exhibition, Samsung SDI also introduced a very small new pin type battery having the dimensions of 20mm length and 3,6mm diameter and having a capacity of 10mAh. This pin type battery is just the size of a very small pill capsule and is 80 times smaller than the battery used in a laptop. This battery will be used to power wearables in future.