The recent rumor represents Samsung will always have the home automation bandwagon products that will provide good home products to the consumers. Kickstarter is the company that is presenting the home connected startup to give you good devices. In fact, this is one of the fast-growing companies that have brought the SmartThings to control the smart home gadget. The home gadgets are providing you the support to control home things including light on-off, door locks-open using your Smartphone.

Samsung home automation platform SmartThings will cost up to $200 million to the brand that provides full platform development. With the new platform, Samsung is going to have the best marketing machine with the home automation features to the consumers. Moreover, the development home automation platform with the Samsung Smartphones will also increase the mobile sales throughout the world.

Samsung home automation platform SmartThings for $200 million 1

However, the Google and Apple have already approach to the home automation platform with its development issues and projects like Home Kit. Moreover, the Nest is also in the way to launch that is a well known home automation product. Smart home will be launched soon by the Samsung with Joneses that will always give you the best h omen automation features. At the same time, the big brands of the Smartphone market are going to enter to the platform to present the best things to increase home security.