Last year, Samsung had made headlines by introducing their new wearable glove named “Samsung Fingers” and eventually concluded as April Fool’s joke. The wearable glove reportedly having 3-inch UHD Super Emo-LED display powered by 4GB RAM and a hidden 16 MP rear camera. Although it was a joke but sometimes a funny thought may lead to a genuine device.

The reports revealed that Samsung has filed 2 patent applications for their new wearable smart gloves titled “Electronic Device Having Sensor and Operation Method Thereof.”  The two glove applications were filed with USPTO and South Korea’s patent agency respectively.

The below expected wearable diagrams showcases the smart gloves with flexible displays alike QWERTY keyboard. The Samsung smart gloves also possess numerous sensors . The patent application is registered as “finger motion recognition glove”. The ultimate utility of the Samsung technology-oriented glove will be determined during winter season only.