Samsung Gear VR Headset: Image And Announcement Information Leaked According to recent leaked news, Samsung is currently developing its virtual reality (VR) headset and if the source is correct, it will be breaking the news very soon. It is reported earlier that Samsung is on its way for developing a VR headset for Galaxy Smartphones. Now, with the recent news, we might be hearing the official news from Samsung regarding its Gear VR fairly soon.

Samsung Gear VR works much like Google Cardboard but it is not made of cardboards, lenses and magnets. Gear VR is a goggle like device with OLED display and it has touchpad also. The Gear VR is not just a box with a screen. It runs software to gather data from your Smartphone then split it to generate 3D effects. It is not known yet what kind of software Gear VR is running, although it is known that Samsung is in collaboration with Oculus VR for developing Gear VR. However, it is not a matter of concern that which software Gear VR is running as it collects content from Android phones. It is also in the news that Samsung will be launching SDK for its Gear VR when it will be introduced.

That’s all for what is known about Gear VR for now. According to the news, the time of its announcement is set at IFA 2014 which will take place in Berlin from 5th to 10th September. Samsung is also expected to announce its Galaxy Note 4 around this time. After the announcement of Gear VR, developers will soon get SDK but it is not known how long Gear VR will take to reach the market.