Samsung is expected to wrap off Galaxy Note 4 with a Google Glass competitor. According to the Korean publication report, Samsung is gearing up to roll out “Gear Glass” in time for Europe’s biggest electronics fair IFA 2014, which is to be held Sept. 5-10 this year in Berlin, Germany. The IFA show is a venue that Samsung had used in the past to showcase its Galaxy Note series.Already released a handful of wrist-worn gadgets since the original Galaxy Gear débuted alongside the Note 3 back at last year’s IFA, it now looks as though the company will use the Berlin trade show to announce another brand-new wearable.

The Samsung associate stated that they have rolled out the smartwatch first and have a considerable amount of smart glass-related technology and patents.Following the roll out of their smart watch Galaxy Gear in September last year,they are slated to introduce a smart glass Gear Glass this September. The report noted that the name “Glass Gear” is missing the usual “Galaxy” branding which may reflect Samsung’s ambition to groom it to be its flagship wearable device.

Gear glass


The Gear Glass design combines an ear piece and display, enabling people to listen to music with the right ear while looking at the display with the right eye. Gear Glass is expected to run the Tizen Operating System similar to Samsung’s recently updated smartwatches, like the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit.

Google Glass is still in its early stages. This week, Google started selling it to the public, but it still costs $1,500. Will Google try to convince Samsung to adopt the Android OS prior to Glass Gear debuts this fall or is Samsung hell bent on finally breaking away from Google’s shadow?