Back in May, there was a rumor that Samsung would launch its Google Glass competitor Gear Glass at the IFA 2014 Berlin expo. However, this was not found to be the case when the expo took place in past few days. However, one more rumor has now popped out that Samsung is still is works with such kind of wearable and what now is said that the Tizen powered Samsung Gear Blink might be released next year in March 2015.

However, this information has arrived from an unnamed “industry source” and so we like you to take with a pinch of salt. However, we still can believe that Samsung might possibly plan to unveil this wearable along with the Galaxy S6 that is expected to arrive at the same period of time. Samsung usually plans most of its big release in March or October. The above image shows a patent image from Samsung for its Gear Glass wearable so we can expect the Gear Blink to be looking something similar to that.