Samsung has announced earlier that the company will take its time to launch the new Gear A smartwatch. It was rumored to be shown to public in the upcoming IFA 2015 together with the Galaxy Note 5. However, there is no official confirmation from Samsung itself.

Gear A will be known with the codename Orbis. It is the first round smartwatch from Samsung and it will come with a new user interaction whereby the user will need to rotate the bezel ring to browse the apps within the device. On top of that the power button will come with a crown shape and users will be able to do wireless charging of the device.

There are a few speculations on the reasons why Samsung decided to wait until September to launch the product. Apparently, one of the reason is to wait until the market has settle down with the release of Apple Watch, which is released recently and has already becoming the limelight  in the technology industry these days. Another reason is to give the company more time to make some improvements on the smartwatch itself and make it as perfect as it can be if it is going to compete with Apple Watch.

On the separate note, Samsung is working on  a few things such as the Bluetooth version of the smartwatch, a 3G data and standalone voice calling smartwatch.