About two months ago, all the fuss about a Samsung smartwatch with built-in cellular connectivity has caught the fire again. As per the Korean media, the advanced version of Samsung Gear 2 will showcase a SIM card-slot.As predicted, it will be possible to handle phone-calls on its own, which was not seen in the Gear 2 model.

When the report was published, no strong facts were available to support the same, but now, it looks like they were not just rumours.   A Samsung gadget with a model-name SM-R710 has come under the notice on Zauba – a web-site that keeps eye on packages going in and out of India. As the description appears to be, the device can serve as a mobile phone. It gives a small hint that Samsung Gear 2 Solo might be its authorized name.

Apart of that, the item suits the Samsung’s scheme for naming convention for wearables (because the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo has the identities like SM-R380 and SM-R381 respectively). So, it appears to be quite plausible to assume SM-R710 as a smartwatch.   we will try our level best to focus on such small hints for the gadget as there are many fans growing across the globe.