Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 prototypes
Images of older prototypes of Samsung Galaxy S6 are leaked, and they show some interesting information about the device. It is not confirmed by any means that this image is 100% true, but there are many reasons to believe that it is the real picture of older Samsung Galaxy S6 prototypes. The most interesting part is the position of flash/heart rate sensor and back camera that fully matches with the picture of a case that is for the Sammy’s new expensive smartphone.S6 prototype 1
Samsung’s decline
In November 2014, it was leaked for the first time that Samsung is planning to design Galaxy S6 from zero. It is fact that Samsung’s business is going down nowadays because Apple has taken the top spot now. However, both rivals still hold the major share of the smartphone market as they shipped about 74.5 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2014. Apple has also improved its position in China, and it became the top smartphone brand where Sammy used to be number one.

Apple’s rise
At the moment, Samsung is going down while Apple is continuously going up in terms of profit. During the fourth quarter, Samsung had 27% decreases in profit while Apple’s profit was far more than expected.S6 prototype 2
Future possibility
The leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype might be true, but it never means that this design will go into production too. There is a high chance that the design has been changed to a great level. One should be mentally prepared to see a different design for Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone when it is launched in the coming time.