Samsung Galaxy Star 2

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 is the new addition in the Samsung smartphone series. It is the new Android phone in the company’s list. This phone is described as the “stylish and portable” single handset. The design is for single handed usage in mind. It is an entry level cell phone which is budget friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Star 2 design is similar to the faux leather present in Galaxy Note 3. This handset has the display of 3.5-inch and ports and buttons are located at the usual places. As the latest Samsung models, this phone also features physical ‘Home’ key, the ‘Back’ key and the button to display recent apps. Presented colors are black and white.

This phones runs on Android 4.4 KitKat which is a good thing as the other phone features are very basic. The TouchWiz custom UI experience is also present.

Other features of Samsung Galaxy Star 2 are:
•    Unknown model and make of 1GHz single-core processor
•    512 MB RAM
•    4 GB built in with micro SD card support
•    Very basic back camera of 2-megapixel without flash
•    Battery provided is 1300mAh
•    Back of the phone has the place to resides two SIM, which means this is a dual-SIM phone
•    8 downloadable games by Gameloft are already provided with the phone

This is all about Samsung Galaxy Star 2. On the whole, this is a very basic phone with Android support. It is a low-end phone but these features – if available in lesser rates – make it a good phone to have.