From within the company, a source revealed that Samsung has been working hard to include all the latest features in its Galaxy S6 edition, and the fingerprint scanner that was introduced in the Galaxy S5 will not be left behind.

Like Huawei, Meizu and Apple, Samsung will launch a touch-based fingerprint sensor by replacing its unwieldy swipe which is currently used in its handsets like Note Edge, Note 4 and S5. The touch screen unlock is faster and better than swipe, especially on cell-phones with bigger screen which require a lot of dragging.

However, there are no expectations that the sensor usage functions will go any further from unlocking and verification point. It is supposed that the home button will now be larger, so that it could be approached more comfortably for touch-based finger recognition.

The Touch ID technology is however more complicated than the common swipe sensor, and its components cost little bit high. In fact there is no doubt that if Samsung wants to be the best flagship again, than the company must not leave any flaw in the Galaxy S6 edition.

According to the rumors, the new handset will be quite remarkable with its Quad HD display, semi-metal chassis and a fast 64-bit chipset. For the first half of the year, this mobile phone may beat all its competitors. It is expected that Samsung will reveal its Galaxy S6 at the MWC expo, which will start from 2nd of March.