There are strong rumors floating since days that Samsung this time is too going to opt for a much simpler touch-based fingerprint sensor for the upcoming Galaxy S6. Recently, the company is having a swipe fingerprint sensor on its flagship handsets like the Galaxy S5, Note 4 and the Note Edge handsets. The touch-based system will definitely be more simpler and faster for these large screen devices. For this, the home button of the device is said to be a bit larger and taller so that to make it more easy for users for finger recognition.

The above image at the top is the official render of the Samsung Galaxy S6 from T-Mobile. The earlier Korean publications have claimed that they would incorporate a more taller fingerprint reader for the upcoming Samsung flagship. If you carefully at the above image where the handset has been shown placed upside down at the right side, you can see a more squarish touch home-button.

Rumors are also strong for Samsung to be bringing the Samsung Pay -its own mobile payment system most probably via fingerprint recognition, which means expecting a new touch-based more efficient and faster fingerprint sensor could prove to be right. Well, things will be clear at the official announcement before MWC this Sunday on March 1st.