The rumors for the much awaited next flagship from Samsung aka the Samsung Galaxy S6 continue to float and this it’s a Polish website that has arrived with a very interesting piece of information for the device. According to the source, the Galaxy S6 would have a proprietary connector placed to its back, wherein users can place a new set of optional back covers with some very unique and advanced functionality.

The source also goes on giving few examples of the functionality for the covers. One cover would sync with the S Health and help measure blood sugar levels. The other cover is said to have a monochrome E-Ink display for reading of data and books without consuming the battery. Another cover is said to act as an personal fitness trainer that would be able to connect to different machines and sync data to its relevant apps. One more cover is said to offer additional lenses to the primary camera. This are few examples and we may also have many more options apart from these ones.

This information is very much in line to the earlier news showing up the list of covers. Looking to the staunch competition that Samsung is currently facing in the market, there is no doubt that the Korean tech giant would leave no stone unturned to pump its next flagship with new and unique features and hit back strongly in the market. We can expect few more surprises to be unveiled at the March MWC.