This year’s flagship smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy S5 did not fare well into the market as per the expectations! It seems that Samsung is planning to an early launch of its Samsung Galaxy S6 and this could take place as soon as the CES 2015 in Jan next month. The rumor saya that in addition to the regular version of the handset, we would also be seeing the dual-edged version of the device similar to the Note 4 launched in September.

A local analyst in the home-town has predicted that the company is eyeing for a sale of 45 million Galaxy S6 units to be sold of which 10 million would be the edge version of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is supposed to be hosting a Snapdragon 810 or Exynos 7 Octa chipset along with a QuadHD display and a high-res camera that might be for the dual-edged version only. The report also shows that the device might also have a half-metal unibody probably similar to the styling of its recently launched A series handsets.

It’s a great news for all the Samsung fans across the globe who are eagerly waiting for its next flagship. Let’s see whether the Galaxy S6 proves to be an rising wave of business for the Samsung in the coming years after its recent slowdown.

source: Chosunbiz