The recent rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been constantly telling us that the device would be having a 5.1inch display just like its predecessor the Galaxy S5, but would have much better screen resolution (mostly QHD). This means that the dimensions for Galaxy S6 must be very similar to that of the Galaxy S5 and hence we can expect a similar battery compartment with almost the same battery capacity.

Additionally, Samsung is also working upon to squeeze the Galaxy S6 with almost similar thickness to its rival iPhone 6. The recent rumors coming from the home-town of South Korea shows that the Galaxy S6 would be having a 2600mAh of battery capacity. Now this will be not be much appreciated from Samsung fans, as the current Galaxy S5 only has a 2800mAh battery capacity. Moreover, the Galaxy S6 is said to have better screen resolution which means the display is likely to consume more battery juice at a faster rate. With a more enhanced processing power of Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420 the battery life to some extent is said to be affected. This could also be solved unless Samsung brings a battery saving tech to its device.

We think, Samsung will surely have something that could look after the battery consumption which will be more clear on 1st of March during the official announcement.

source: ITCLE (translated)

via: PhoneArena