Finally, Samsung brand has officially announced to release first Tizen OS Smartphone in the month. However, Samsung Z wills not the only mobile that will have Tizen OS that will be released in this year.

At the same time, Indian import tacking group has reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen testing has started with 3 unites to launch in the market.

Now, this will be a great plus point for the Samsung Galaxy S5 because Tizen will be preinstalled in the Smartphone with Android OS. However, the price will be lowed of Tizen Samsung Galaxy S5 and that could be $905 carrying model no INR 54,404.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen Testing Starts

However, there is no leak of Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen testing in the market and trusted sources yet to give you more details

Other details aren’t available yet. And unless more information about the Galaxy S5 with Tizen gets leaked, you probably shouldn’t view this as certainly coming to market.

Comparing Samsung Z with Samsung Galaxy S5, the S5 has bigger screen with high resolution and camera power. Therefore, the function abilities of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be better in Tizen OS as well as good battery life.