Now here is what is new for Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S5 has Android 5.0! Android Lollipop version is the most updated and this should mean a lot of advantages for Samsung.
What are we to expect from it?
Well, Samsung basically improved a lot in the system. Korean company engineers have made efforts in incorporating the TouchWiz UI in it. And the Google’s Lollipop’s green elements that we got used to seeing were now changed into Samsung’s blue.

lollipop     lollipop2     lollipop3

A roundup of Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5:
• It has the fingerprint lock screen similar to Galaxy Note 4’s.
• It displays new animations.
• It features a new system font as well.
• Contacts showcase an updated search box.
• The brightness slider in the notification area also gets an alteration.
• The gallery gets new filters to step up your photo viewing experience.
• A Google search bar is also available now in the Recents menu.
• “Interruptions’ is no longer in the Sound settings.
• Music, Clock and Calculator apps also got their facelift.

I’m pretty sure Samsung Galaxy S5 users can’t wait to get this update on their handsets. The good news is, it wouldn’t be long. Estimate release would be some time by the end of the year. We would be posting for updates on this news once we get it. I know you are all dying to know when is the big day for you Samsung Galaxy S5 to get its Lolipop.