After all the waiting, Samsung has finally unveiled its premium clad Galaxy Note 4. The good thing is that the Galaxy Note 4 has arrived in two iterations where the other model that was said to be coming with a curved display has finally gone official with the name of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Well looking to the above image, it seems that the right side of the screen folds that enables unique interaction.

2014-09-03_23-12-50 2014-09-03_23-13-23 Galaxy Note Edge White 1 Galaxy Note Edge White 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is basically the Galaxy Note 4’s other iteration with a different display where the extra folded parts pack 160 pixels and the total pixel resolution stands to 1600×2560 pixels. Samsung while designing the curved display has ensured that just any of accidental touches will not create any kind of problem to the device. Even when the handset would be locked, the side curved display will display some Quick Glance info like notifications and time. On waking up the screen, the side will display notifications for different features like flashlight shortcuts, ruler and timer.

Curved Display use 1 Curved Display use 2 Curved Display use 3 Curved Display use 4

On unlocking the phone, the options of curved side display use increases. The side curved display can also be used for multi-tasking by switching between different screens. With the curved display, users can even handle the switching between app drawer and homescreen. Users can even keep individual apps on the curved side display. Even thecamera and video control put their controls on the side and the screen could be left for video/viewfinder. Samsung has announced that it will release an API to encourage third party developers to make potential and optimum use of the curved display. It can be thus said that the major glamour of the Galaxy Note Edge is its curved display.

2014-09-03_23-13-54 2014-09-04_00-09-23 Galaxy Note Edge


Apart from this, looking to its other specs, the handset would be powered with a powerful Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 chipset processor, 16MP camera with OIS, S Pen stylus and Android 4.4 on-board. The Galaxy Note Edge has a bit smaller battery with 3000mAh of battery capacity. The smartphone is expected to launch by the year end. Take a look at some of the official released images of the device by Samsung.