Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is really an interesting and exclusive device of Samsung and looks like going to present more variants to the people. The Smartphone can come with in gold-plated without the Edge display, a questioned in Vietnam.

The pictures represents in the finishing of the article shows, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge full frame is protruding with gold as well as the camera ring, heart rate sensor, and volume rocker. S Pen Samsung is another luxurious version of the series that comes with the title ‘au’.

However, the final version of gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge may undergo for some design changes for final announcement. No doubt that the expensive Smartphone will only available in limited edition and only available for pre-order by the interested group.

What do you think about the gold-plate version of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Watch and pictures and share your opinion.


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge coming with gold-plated version! 1

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge coming with gold-plated version!