After a few leaked images of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we now have some CAD drawings in a video purporting to be those of the Note 5. Some concept renders of the device have also surfaced online.

@Onleaks has posted a video on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 CAD drawings on their Twitter account. They have a similar look like the Galaxy S6. In fact the leaks and rumors do suggest that the Note 5 will be similar in appearance to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge though of course bigger than them as it is supposed to be a 5.7-inch or a 5.9-inch phablet. In the video, the Note 5 appears to have a sleek premium look.

You can check out the drawings and the video below:

Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-01 Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-02 Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-03 Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-04 Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-05 Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-CAD-06

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will apparently have a thin, sleek and smooth metal and glass body, unlike other Galaxy Note handsets which had a plastic body and were thicker. Given below are some concept renders of the Note 5 designed by Andrea Sanso who is famous for designing concept renders of various popular flagships. But it is worth remembering that these are just “concepts” based on design and features emerging through several rumors and leaks doing the rounds and the actual device may be turn out to be like them or may even totally be different.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be announced by Samsung in September along with Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-1 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-2 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-3 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-4 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-5 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-6 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-7 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-8 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-9 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-10 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-11 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-12 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-13 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-14 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-15 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-16 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-17 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-18 Samsung-galaxy-note-5-concept-renders-19